4 short days from now I am headed back to the Amazon for two weeks. Two weeks of ministering to children along the Amazon river and in the jungles of Peru. Excited – yes. Scared – no. Knowing it is going to put me through a “refining” process again – I AM all in. For now I ask for your prayers. For safe travels. For open hearts. For keeping me second behind God – letting Him drive and show the way.

Always, always, always right before a trip like this, one that is straight in line with God’s purpose … things unravel, relationships, work, family, money, health, lack of time – whatever it is – when you are on purpose, the pull to get you off course is strong. Anything and everything is thrown at you to stop you from doing “Kingdom work.” NOT this time. I will admit that I have tried to talk myself out of going this time just like all the times before… I love it, enjoy the times spent “in the field” and yet right before I head out there is this “fight” within me. Trying to justify why I should stay home and leave the ministering and hugging and loving of children to someone else. And…as much as I tried to “rationalize” it – the stirring inside me won’t let it take hold. Thank God. Thank Him for that “stirring.” God’s timing is always perfect and I am going.

So my friends, humbly I ask you to keep this trip in your thoughts and prayers. I’ll write when I get back. Maybe, unlike last time, I will detail the entire trip and not stop midway! Apologies. Hold onto your seats it’s going to be a wild ride. Hearts touched and lives changed. Mine too!!!!!

In His Mighty Grip Again,