Having people who believe in you makes all the difference. People that cheer you on no matter what you set out to do. People that are your biggest cheerleaders – your biggest fans. That’s how my son Sean signs off on some of his emails and it always sets my heart soaring. “Love you Mom – from your biggest Fan!”

In my life I have several great “believers” not only in me but what I set out to do. Without these people, the road would be harder to travel, and not as much fun. Life is done better with people – the journey more exciting. These “believers” are my angels on earth. To name a few…My mom Nadine, Sean and Michael (my sons), Auntie Sandy and Lesa. There are many more Diane, Marian, Jamey, Jeannie and a host of others that should be mentioned. And of course my grandmother Marguerite – I have written about her on this blog site.

Tomorrow I am headed to church to to fill up my heart and soul to overflowing. Want to make sure that I have lots and lots to pour out to the people whose path God’s allows me to cross. Then I will finalize the packing making sure to fit gum and candy, toys and suckers in all the nooks and crannies of my suitcase and backpack.

Okay – its starting – the excitement is building inside me and I am so blessed to be allowed this opportunity.

As they say in Peru. Soy bendicida. I am blessed.