Today I woke up and realize I have 24 hours before I leave. Time flies by so quickly towards the end of preparing for a trip. Do I have enough bracelets? Do I have enough candy to hand out? Do I have enough money to buy things along the way to hand out to the children? Do I have enough of everything?  And then I thought… I can’t spend my time focusing on what I think I don’t have. The material things. For God promises His presence in our lives and that is enough – it is EVERYTHING even if you think you have nothing.

Lean into this truth. All God asks of you is what you have to give…even if you think you have nothing to give – you can give yourself. A “living sacrifice” if you will. Demonstrating the love of Christ to everyone. You have faith and obedience. Powerful and so important as others watch your life’s path. We continually bring Christ with us to the world, a dark and hungry world. Now go and shine! You have EVERYTHING to give!!!!!!!!!!

“I love you” ( Te amo ) in sign language.

Signing I Love You_2

Love being In His Mighty Grip,