Well I did it. Yes – it’s official – against the advice of my mom, aunt and friends, I swam in the Amazon River! More liked waded waist high but to me it was just like swimming. The guys all talked about going swimming and I couldn’t be outdone and ended up accepting the personal challenge! On the way to the river a few of them started to rethink this endeavor and all the stories they had heard about what is actually in the water and began to back out. Oh no. No way. I kept at them until they had no choice but to go in the water or be shown up by a “girl!”

The water is a creamy brown color – like coffee with cream. You can’t see the bottom. You know the pictures of the tropical resorts and the crystal clear , inviting blue water? Yea – well this is not that. It’s a bit intimidating because you can’t see anything once you put your foot in. And the bottom is muddy and very slippery. It actually feels disgusting. From the minute I put my foot in this murky water I wondered what the heck I was doing and what was I thinking? Yet … I did it anyway!  And the color stains clothes. Go in with a white t-shirt and you come out with a tan one. But still I had to go in – couldn’t let them see a girl back away from the challenge. Not this Jesus girl!

Swimming in the amazon

Veinte enero washing clothes
Pastor Marcos and Samuel washing clothes. Seems a bit odd to wash your clothes in the muddy river. And check this out – Samuel had on white pants. They never got white again.

No matter where you are in the world – water fights are a part of it all and it was no exception here. I did not get in the middle of this!! Just filmed from the side.

Veinte enero river water fight
Veinte enero river water fight (2)
It was fun to watch our group and the villagers play together and just plain, flat out – laugh. That was the best – the laughter, so innocent, so contagious! They played in the water for hours and the experience was priceless.

Most of you know I love to sign “I LOVE YOU” with my hands. I have pictures like this next one from around the world and now including IN the Amazon River.

Amazon I Love You
So … I survived the river. No diseases (at least none that have surfaced!) I wasn’t eaten by piranha. No unknown creatures biting at my legs or feet. Nothing but the sheer excitement of saying that I swam in the Amazon. Incredible. 

In His Mighty Grip,