This Sunday I had the good fortune to hear Anne Graham-Lott, the daughter of Billy Graham, speak at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship church in Carrollton, TX. Striking woman, commanding presence and great words. The main message and a GREAT one – just give me Jesus. Keeping it simple. We don’t need all that we have. We don’t need ornate buildings. We just need Jesus.  So, I thought that today I would show you some of the churches that I had the honor of worshiping in during my last trip to the Amazon. And I loved each one. The simplicity. The heart of the people. It’s not the building but the heart that matters.

Amazon pueblo church 2



Buenos aires church
Luz divina satellite church
Pucallpa church luz divinaThe beauty of it all was that in each and every church – no matter how big or small, how ornate or not, how many people attended, several or many – it did not matter. The beauty of it all was that JESUS was there. That’s all that mattered…..

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