As I finish writing about building MarieLuz’s house, I can’t help but be transported back to that particular day last September. It ranks as one of the top best days of my life. Sweating and drenched under the hot dry Amazon sun, I never felt more alive. You see it was on this day that the purpose of my life became crystal clear. After months, maybe even years of struggling with the direction I should be heading – God opened up my eyes – wide , my heart – wide and my spirit – wide to His calling. Full on, flat out and wide open. He made very apparent what He intended for my life. He placed it solidly upon my heart and soul. HOPE was there that day. Hope for MarieLuz. Hope for other members of the church who need help repairing or building a home. HOPE showed up in a Mighty Way.

And MarieLuz went from living in this “home” pictured below…

House plastic

House back
House back 2 To this one built by her church community…

House new with steph marieluz and antonio
Here are some of the members of the church that helped build this home.

House lunch
She calls it her “mansion!” In comparison, I could definitely see her point. As I stood there smiling on the outside I felt I was breaking apart on the inside for thousands of people in similiar situations and I knew that this was not going to be a one time project but a long, ongoing one.

Often there are days that a battle rages within me – can’t get back there fast enough, can’t raise enough money to buy supplies fast enough – nonetheless it is one battle I will NOT and CANNOT give up on. Plans are in the works – pinpoint focus to raise money and get schedules and people together to go and build and repair homes.

So I find myself surrendered to His plan and on His schedule. That is soooo difficult for me, yet I realize I can’t do it on my own – it is a God sized task!

No one should have to live in the unsanitary conditions surrounded by dirt, mud, garbage, or in fear or insecurity.

Dancing in my Passion and Purpose,