Today as I was praying, wondering what to blog about, I thought back to the first thing I read this morning (okay I wasn’t exactly reading out of the bible), but it was a post from “my friend” The Bible on facebook…

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. Proverbs 3:5-6

 Church in jungle
(Church in Amazon jungle – Peru, Sept 2009) 

Yesterday, after church I went with a couple of friends to eat lunch. This was the note inside the fortune cookie…

“You do not have to know where you are headed to be going in the right direction.”

Now I KNOW that GOD wrote the “note” in my fortune cookie. He is getting my attention and tells me time after time “Just do what I lay upon your heart. Don’t wait – you cannot do this by your own hand or under your own power.” And you know me – nothing is done delicately or quietly (remember I have no “inside voice!” ) – so if Trinity’s Angels is going to take that step forward down the path laid before us, then they are going to be HUGE, FORCEFUL, LOUD steps. Ones that rock and shake the path we are on!

Sean carrying food(Amazon Jungle path – Sean McLaughlin – in center right – carrying in boxes of food for the childrens bible school program – Peru, Nov 2008)

So here is how YOU can help.There are so many needs, HUGE, immediate needs it is difficult to know where to begin. Please know that no matter what you donate, whether it is money or supplies, ALL of it, every penny, every resource will go directly to, and be used for the people we serve, whether it is for building supplies, food or clothes. Maybe one day we will even get to drill a well for water! Now that is DREAMING BIG!!

Let’s get this list started……..

  • The biggest need and greatest gift is PRAYER. For the people that we are going to serve. For the people that go to serve. For the direction that Trinity’s Angels should be taking at this time. It would be fantastic to know that we have prayer warriors, praying – without ceasing.
  • Pass it forward. Please share this blog and our site with others. Forward them the email you get from the site. You can subscribe directly on our webpage at so that the posts are automatically emailed to you. Also you can repost the blogs that are put directly onto facebook. The more people that know about us, the bigger the impact we can make.
  • Equipment. Currently we are severely restricted in terms of luggage weight. So for now we are accepting gift cards to Lowe’s or Home Depot so that we can purchase 10 lightweight, inexpensive tool belts, and other lightweight items. The remaining tools, hammers, saws, levels, etc will be purchased in Peru. Two fold reason – we don’t have to transport those heavy, cumbersome items and buying them there boosts their economy – at least a little!
  • Shipping Resources.   If anyone has a contact, either airline or shipping company, that will provide free or drastically reduced shipping rates let us know. PLEASE! There are items we need but cannot buy there.
  • Airline Miles. Okay a girl can ask! Again if you know of someone at an airline that might be willing to donate some flight vouchers we always have people that can use those to supplement their cost of these trips. Or, if you have unused miles you can donate those. Most often we need 35,000 miles. They will be greatly appreciated.
  • Graphic Design. Big goal is to print t-shirts for sale and awareness. We are looking for someone that can draw out the design we have in mind. Along this line perhaps someone knows of a company that would print and donate the shirts? Thinking out loud here.
  • Website Design. Yes we have the blog site but need someone to actually design an exciting, informative website. Know anyone who might be willing to donate their time??
  • Monetary donations.
    These are now tax deductible through our partner Words of Life. Please make your check payable to: Words of Life, c/o Trinitys Angels, 452 Cooper Lane, Coppell, TX 75019. This information is also posted on the left column of our main page.

These are just a very few of the children (pictured above and below) that you are helping us to support.

Pueblo kids (3)
Thank you for taking your time to read through our blog. Now … I am off to buy another pair of tennis shoes – got a huge path to walk-out in front of Trinity’s Angels!

Taking that first step and asking for you help and resources.

In His Mighty, Mighty, Powerful Grip.