Just finished reading a book entitled, The Power of Small, Why Little Things Make All the Difference. Inside this quote was written:

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”    Scott Adams

That is greatness. Can you even wrap your head around the visual image?? I suppose that quite often we don’t take the first step or hesitate to do so because we think that you have to be a visionary, with unlimited funds, unending resources – one thought leads to another and the task that started as a small act of helping another person turns into a GIANT project that leaves us exhausted before we even begin. So we talk ourselves out of even taking the first step. I have done this so many times I can’t even begin to count the number.

In my younger days (lots and lots of years ago before dirt!) I was a Girl Scout. I remember every time we went hiking or camping the mantra was … leave the place better than when you found it. It strikes me now that applies to each of our lives. We all can leave “this place” better than when we found it. No I am not talking about going green. I am talking about making your own mark. By the small everyday decisions and things we do, that coupled with those of your friends and family change the world we live in. TRANSFORMATION.

When you step up and step out; when you do something for someone else; when you act on an instinct or when you reach out to someone … you don’t know how that is going to affect not only their life but those that come in contact with them after that moment. You don’t know who is watching what you are doing and how they will be positively affected and make a change in their lives which will make a difference in someone else’s life.

You NEVER know the beauty and the far reaching implications of the ripple that begins with YOU.  It all starts with one small step. Someone, in every endeavor, as to take that first step. Is it time to take yours?????

Thinking out LOUD –


A picture of my feet after building houses. Where my feet were inside my shoes – clean! The rest of the leg – covered in a layer of dirt, grime and sweat – but to me it represents stepping up to be able to step out in the life of another………….