When I was a little girl we used to go over to my grandmother’s house most every day in the summer to swim in her pool. It was always a great time – lots of fun, and laughter not to mention the ice cream bars we got to eat after we were done swimming. Yeah – food involved – count me all in!

Sitting here today I am focused on writing a presentation to take to pitch to whomever and wherever I can to find sponsors for Trinity’s Angels and the upcoming house build project in Pucallpa, Peru February 2011. Would love to build 5 houses on that trip. Dream Big and Reach Higher! So I am at my desk planning and preparing to go to Peru – to serve the Peruvians perhaps for an extended period of time in the “purpose” that has for so long now been a part of my heart.

Anyway, I was reminded of my grandmother’s pool for the simple reason that my brother and I used to get up on the diving board, scope out the pool – planning exactly where to do a cannonball to get the most people wet! Even back then I was full of mischief. Hard to believe………… right??!!  I remember the aniticipation and excitement of the “adventure” at hand. When the time was just right we would run down the narrow diving board as fast as possible, hit the end of it, springing up as high as we could, and pull our knees into our bodies – hitting the water as hard as we could to make the BIGGEST SPLASH.

That is where I find myself once again. Filled with anticipation and excitement as Trinity’s Angels embarks on the adventure that lies before us, giving hope and hugs, smiles and laughter and a place to call home to those without. So, here I stand on the “platform” ready to run down the road as fast as I can, scanning all that lies ahead – looking for the places where can we make the BIGGEST SPLASH and get the most people “WET.”

DSC04814 Splashing in the Amazon River in the village of Veinte Enero.

Still in HIS Mighty Grip,