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A little over a month ago I met a young woman through Tres Dias who has literally re-lit the fire under my buns to push forward QUICKLY with Trinity’s Angels and stop stalling and get moving. It my extreme pleasure to introduce her to you today. Her name is Cindy Nickell and what a story she has to tell. Above all of that she brings to Trinity’s Angels a deep love for children and a servant’s heart that is immeasurable. Right in line with our mission. People are drawn to her sweet spirit, not to mention her crazy and vibrant personality. She can light up a room and get it Rockin’. Her laugh is highly contagious and you cannot help but be drawn up into her overflowing enthusiasm. When you are around Cindy you know that the laughter, fun and excitement will be nonstop.

Cindy nickell with glasses

She has taken on the task of building the website for Trinity’s Angels – it is no easy feat but she smiles and works on it tirelessly. I thank God every minute for that blessing. It is a beating for me to deal with all of that business. I think she only gets a few hours of sleep each night. (She is a mortgage loan officer by day – just sayin!!).  She has worked diligently on finding items for us to print our logo to be able to sell on the website to raise money for all the projects that seem to be coming out of the woodwork. The logo is, well, AWESOME. I will post it as soon as it is completed. And … I always hear her talking about Trinity’s Angels, promoting it, excited about what that venture will bring into the lives of others. More than I do…..now that’s alot.

It is such a blessing when you meet someone that has the same or similar heart for service as you do. No words have to be exchanged because your hearts are talking directly to each other. And you know, absolutely know, without a doubt that God has put that person right in the middle of your path so you will run right into them!

So, in January we will head to Peru for 6 weeks and start the “feet on the ground” work there. Or if Cindy has her way – we would be there indefinitely (get it – she is even more extreme than I !!). What an exciting time. I can barely stand it. Really!!!!!!!! Pastors have been contacted and plans are being set. There is this strong underlying feeling that this adventure is about to bust wide open.

This is the same trip that will include Peru Tres Dias #7 and I am blessed to be able to take a powerhouse team of 10 people to minister and serve the women in Lima. Additionally, some of that team will go for a week to Pucallpa, Peru and work with Pastor Jennifer and Luz Divinia church to build and repair homes for members of her congregation. They have already identified two of the five projects we hope to complete. What an honor to be able to pay it forward.

Cindy is fondly referred to as “Little One” since she is so much younger! So bring it Little One – I’ll match you step for step! Happy to have you aboard for this journey.

In His Mighty Grip again today,