It’s been three years in the making … so without further delay … here is Trinity’s Angels LOGO…….

You know when you take the first step the rest just seem to fall in line. Recently I, posted a specific request for tools belts with a description of which ones we needed to be donated to take to Peru for our upcoming build trips. A wise person suggested that a list of needs be posted …. Clovia!! So I did (see “Dream Big” needs post). After reading that list, Lisa contacted me and said that she knew a graphic designer, Victor, who offered to create the logo. After numerous revisions (poor Victor didn’t know what he was signing up for) the logo is ready. Don’t you just LOVE IT ?? !!

 Now the possibilities are endless : t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, visors, baseball caps, stationery, mugs, blankets, piggy banks, tote bags, umbrellas, socks, workout clothes , and don’t forget the tatoos! Just kidding. Anything and everything we could print the logo on so it could be marketed raising money to; BUILD homes, FEED those in need and conduct kids ministry programs. Sharing hugs, smiles and encouragement to those whose paths we are honored to cross.

It’s difficult to translate my thoughts into words, all that I feel in my heart. The emotions run deep, the mental images of the work that has been completed to date in the jungles and the Amazon flood my mind and it is hard to fight the tears that surface; memories of what has been experienced and accomplished and what remains to be completed. What God began as a small stirring is now raging – an internal fire that can’t be contained. I know that without YOUR support – none of this would be possible. Humbly I thank each you for your words of encouragement, support and above all Prayer.

In His Mighty powerful grip,