You want to pray a mighty prayer and have it be life changing ??? Be FEARLESS and pray this……

Break my heart Lord for what breaks yours.

I started to write this blog June 15th. Yes, yes, yes it was a couple of weeks ago but it was so strong on my heart I felt I needed to address it. I have never before wanted to pray that specific request. Once… I prayed for patience – hmmm that was a beat down. I thought God would answer that prayer immediately. Well in actuality He did but His timing was completely different (go figure!) and that became a two year long answer to that particular prayer. Appears He was giving me practical experience – day by day learning through real life situations. Ugh.  So to pray for something to break my heart … well … you can see my reluctance!

Yet those 8 words kept pressing in … Break my heart Lord for what breaks yours. I did actually pray that prayer – June 15th.

I know when I am in Peru and with the kids that …

* The daily struggles they have break my heart.

* The life they lead breaks my heart.

* The living conditions they are in break my heart.

* The future they have breaks my heart.

* The love they show me breaks my heart.

How then can I not help? When I look at all I have, and believe me by U.S. standards it is not alot, how can I not give of time, finances and love? So the Lord is breaking my heart for what breaks His. It hurts, it is painful, it daily brings tears to my eyes, a lump in my throat and such an unsettling feeling in my heart. Too much to ignore and yet I am GLAD that I prayed the prayer.

Listening to the pastor in church on Sunday, June 27th, he gave a terrific sermon about Andrew – one of the 12 disciples. And at the end he kept saying or I kept hearing … break my heart for what breaks yours. I don’t remember the exact words – maybe a few more – but nothing less than…Break my heart for what breaks yours. Hmmmm? I had just started writing that same thing in this blog a few days before – even posted it in my status on facebook. So to hear it right then was a bit unnerving, unsettling. I shook my head, tears started to build, I looked over at Cindy and Lori – in that instant I knew He was talking to us. Reaffirming everything we have been talking about and planning and building these last 3 weeks.

Today I finish this blog. Right now without tears but with the knowledge that this prayer He will answer for the REST OF MY LIFE.

In His Mighty Grip – I think today with both hands!