The 4th of July celebrations and fireworks shows have come to an end for 2010.  Sitting here at the computer I reflect back on all the Independence days I have celebrated in my life and one thing remains constant… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SPARKLERS! Always have and always will. It’s the anticipation. For me it is the culmination of a fun-filled day. At the end of it all, you get to hold a sparkler in your hand – your very own personal firework! – and wave it around, draw in the sky or write you name in the air. And I am not talking about the new kind with the “pretty paper packaging,” but the “old school” sparkler with the metal stick that can burn your fingers if you are not careful.

I want to live like a “sparkler.” Lit up, dazzling, full of life, a brilliant display so people can see all that is going on in God’s Kingdom. A reflection of His mighty work. I would love for my life to resonate like the “boom” of the firework cannons as they blast out the color and “sparks” for all the people whose paths I cross to be able to feel what He is accomplishing. The kind that rolls through your body and soul and makes you realize you are THAT CLOSE to something HUGE.

Hope you and your family and friends had a fantastic 4th of July celebration.

Here’s to living life like a sparkler – LIT UP FOR THE KINGDOM and within His Mighty Grip,


And thank you to all of those that have and continue to protect our freedom. You are my sparklers…….