One of my most favorite times spent with the kids is handing out bracelets. They are a huge hit and with the adults too! It is such an easy way to connect and begin a conversation with them.  Every child is given one and you should see how they guard them like they were made of gold, not just inexpensive beads!  They absolutely LOVE them.  
Eating a bracelet
 No matter if it is in the city, along the Amazon River, in the jungle, village or pueblo, this small gift opens up the doors to their hearts.
To see the pure joy on their faces and the smiles as they receive one melts me every single time. It is hard to imagine that something so small brings them so much excitement.  The smiles on their faces are priceless and YOU can help create that smile.  We are looking for people to help meet
Trinity’s Angels goal : 10,000 bracelets
to take to Peru in January 2011. Yes it is a huge goal, BUT…it can be achieved.
Bracelets (2)
 We would love for you to help us reach this goal and BE A PART of this project. One bracelet at a time – we could sure use your help!!!
Here are the instructions for the bracelets:

Supply List:
 .5 mm clear stretch cord
6/0  beads (size) – Red, Yellow, Green, and  Blue transparent seed beads
(Michaels craft stores carry these -bead section – all 4 colors in a “tower”
Bead needle for stringing, if desired

To make the bracelet:
String 4 red, 4 yellow, 4 green and 4 blue beads in a row , repeating this two more times. Then put one of each color at the end, to make a total of 52 beads.  You will need to tie a double knot with the two ends of the cord, so the bracelet doesn’t break or come loose.  And you are done with one! This can become addictive and that’s what we are hoping for! We need lots and lots of bracelets.
Here is an example of a completed bracelet.


When you are finished or have hundreds made!!! (just kidding), please mail your bracelets to :

Trinity’s Angels
452 Cooper Lane

Coppell, TX 75019
If you live in the Dallas area we would be happy to pick up the bracelets from you at your convenience. Please send an email to to schedule a date and time. Your time and effort that you put into making these bracelets is GREATLY APPRECIATED.
From the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU.