One meal a day? How can that possibly be? My mind cannot comprehend what I had been told. 

Yanett and Mili and I were talking about the food situation at the orphanage. I mentioned that I was glad to know that even if the food we brought didn’t last a week at least they would have a big hearty meal, along with jello!, for dinner that night. Yanett looked at me, puzzled, a twist of her head as though she didn’t understand me. Well that could have been because of my less than perfect spanish! I said it again. Her reply – as straight forward and devoid of any emotion …  I don’t think you understand Stephanie. What don’t I understand Yanett?

“There is only one meal a day served and that is at lunch. Did I hear that right? There is no way that I heard what I thought I heard. No way. Can’t be.  Shaking my head from side to side I think I was trying to get rid of the words that were rolling around in my het.

That short but dramatic sentence I have replayed over and over in my mind I don’t know how many times. That just can’t be. CAN NOT BE. I tried to imagine what that might be like. Tea in the morning. A meal at lunch – well really a meal of thick soup. Tea or broth at night. NOPE – it just did not register. I thought about the meals we eat. The choices and options we have. Sometimes we have so many that we cannot even make up our minds my comprehension. And yet – the majority – the majoritythe majority of the world does not have enough to eat.

The meal is pictured below. It is a large portion of food and obviously everything on their plates is eaten. There is no meat – it is just too expensive and unavailable for them. The meal consists of rice or noodles – some type of pasta, or potatoes when available, – and it goes a long way in filling up their stomachs. It is in some type of broth, flavored bouillon . The liquid helps to extend the amount of food that is required to feed this large number of children. The meal is made in huge containers and ladled out into bowls.  Look for yourselves…

Lunch at the orphange_scooping food
Lunch at the orphange
Now tell me … how can you look at this and not be touched in some way??? This is the “meal choice” made for them.

At least I can say that the children have smiles on their faces as shown in this picture before they say grace and while waiting for everyone to receive their meal. 

Boys waiting for food 2
Yes I agree they look healthy. Most are thin even though the large amount of food on their plate is eaten – all of it – every last bit. Wonder why…’s that or nothing…………………………..

Going to bed hungry tonight – if for one night I can stand the uncomfortable rumbling of my stomach. You bet I can…………..and will.

Hungry for His mighty grip,

Stephanie – PLEASE HELP make a difference and donate on the Trinity’s Angels website so that we can support these children with the food they need and provide more than just one meal per day.

We aren’t asking you to physically go with us, we understand that for some it is impossible and not your calling.  HOWEVER, we ARE asking for your monetary help and support – AND PRAYERS. Don’t forget the prayers.