A month ago I had the pleasure of speaking to a small group of realtors and  an insurance  agent about Trinity’s Angels, our mission and goals. At the end of that meeting they made a commitment to help, and scheduled a time to make bracelets as part of their community service project.

So…last Saturday we met for an hour and a half amidst food, beads and elastic cord. Many were present – individuals, a mom and her son, a mom and her daughter, a father and his son,  – all were ready to help and ALL had huge smiles on their faces as we began stringing. It was so fun to see them working on bracelets while talking and laughing. The time went by quickly and in the end they had strung 126 bracelets.  That much closer to the 10,000 goal!

As I cleaned up the area a wave of gratitude washed over me. Grateful for their willingness to support the dream that has come to reality. Thank you – each of you.

Love the proud display of bracelets in the photos above.

Thanks again to the Brian Buffini “small group” pictured above for all their gracious help, time and effort supporting this project.  Love you all.

We have received emails letting us know that bracelets are being made around the country! If you have pictures of you or your group making bracelets – please send them to me so I can post them. And …THANK YOU – deeply.

In THE Grip,