Labor Day weekend takes me back to my childhood and the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Many of my childhood years I spent this particular day at the house of my maternal grandmother – Marguerite, who was affectionately called Mommie by her grandchildren. She watched this show every Labor Day and the memories flood through my mind as I think about her and this “tradition.”

Back then … it was about spending time at her house, sitting on the couch next to her, eating the ice cream cones my aunt used to hand pack so full of ice cream I thought I had died and gone to heaven, spending time together and getting excited when the drum roll happened and the money board rolled showing the new donation totals. We would clap and shout – as if they could hear us! To me those were very special times embedded deep in my mind to pull out year after year now that she is not here to share those times with again.

Now I realize it was more than that…….

Without me even knowing it, she sowed the seeds of “Paying it Forward” within me. Not only through the lesson of giving to others through this telethon – but throughout her life.  She not only taught me but SHOWED me during countless times she gave to others, willingly and with an open heart. So this Labor Day I thank her for the numerous hours of viewing the telethon, of showing me through her actions what it means to “Pay it Forward.” To give….

Love you Mommie,