Buenos Dias Amigos,

Last week I sent an email to Pastor Jennifer in Pucallpa checking on an available date for our next trip and to find out what is the biggest need. Her response sent me soaring which might seem a bit odd when you hear the need … but it is because once again Trinity’s Angels is going to be used to help others. That makes me FLY. Now it’s a straight shot to the travel date with as few distractions as possible.

According to Pastor Jennifer…

 ” The #1 need right now is walls, windows, and doors for the house of Ninfa and her daughter, Nina.  Their roof is up, but they are living in a tiny house under the new roof because they do not have money for the walls, windows and doors.  They would be so thankful to finally live in a relatively spacious house with a normal-height roof... “

That is all the information I have at this point. I don’t know how small the house is, if it has solid walls, or makeshift ones. Are they protected from the elements, heat, wind, rain, animals, etc? My guess is that they are NOT. I have a feeling the existing roof is still in place which means that a person would not be able to stand up within their current house. I imagine from what I have seen before, in the area, that the home is very small with little room to move around and it is doubtful there is a concrete floor – most likely they are living on dirt. Beyond even all of that the thought of no protection – walls, or doors spins around in my mind. I picture what that might be like – the feeling of openness and vulnerability.

A quick email back to Pastor Jennifer and the next home project for Trinity’s Angels is in the works! Yay! Woohoo! Hooray! Exciting! We have committed to providing the funds to buy the materials and labor to build the home – about $750 U.S. The first two weeks of November we’re back in Peru. 

Then another need arose. The pastor of a satellite church needs a roof. He and his family do not have protection from the rain and the wet season starts in a couple of months. That will take about $250 U.S. So…of course Trinity’s Angels said … “Tell the Pastor he has his roof.” 

There are many more needs that are pressing and will arise in the future. Rather than look at the almost insurmountable number of families in need and feeling overwhelmed and perhaps paralyzed into inactivity by that huge need, we are looking at the smaller picture. One house at a time. One need at a time. One difference at a time.

If you feel led to contribute to either of these projects,  please go to www.TrinitysAngels.org and click on the donate button that will guide you through. Or feel free to donate through buying a t-shirt or another item in our “store.” That helps to promote the organization as well.  Thank you for listening to the small voice inside.

Continually in His Grip,