This morning I got an email from Yanett in Peru. Yesterday, she spoke with Miguel, the director of La Sagrada Familia – the orphanage I visited on my last trip to Lima. They are praying that Biblica de Fe, her church, will be able to provide a set of clothing and a toy for 300 individual children this Christmas. According to Yanett that is twice the number that they handled last year. It is a huge task. A God-sized need.  Please pray for this church and for Yanett’s passion to be able to meet the need.

When I was there in August it was heartwrenching to see how little they have. And the clothes – the worn shirts, shorts, pants, shoes. What few clothes they have are passed between children. I can only imagine the excitement and joy they would experience – what it would be like for them to open up a gift and have a complete set of clothes to call their OWN!!!  Makes me feel the desire to “adopt” lots of these children when I look in my closet and realize ALL the choices of clothing I have on a daily basis.   

 So…Trinity’s Angels has made the commitment to “adopt” some of the children.This entails buying a set of clothes, shirt, pants, socks, undergarments and a gift for them for Christmas. Leaving the end of October, I am hoping and PRAYING that some of you are feeling a desire to help, are interested in “paying it forward,” and want to contribute. The cost per child is approximately $50 for the set of clothes and a toy. Believe me, I KNOW things are financially tight for many of us. Whatever you can offer will be gladly accepted.  You can send a check to Trinity’s Angels, or go to the website and donate online through paypal. Write a note to them if you like and I will include it with their gift. Also, I will take a picture of the child that your donation supported.

Come on….what’s stopping you…really?????? These children NEED you – your love, your support and your GENEROSITY. Your actions make a difference – they have long lasting consequences. Please help. I know, I know, I know it seems like every time I blog recently I am asking for money. The need is there. The need is great. I guess if I don’t ask….

In His Mighty Grip,