It’s been just a little over a week since Cindy and I returned from Peru and trying to put the trip into words that will paint a vivid picture still seems daunting. Thoughts race in and out bringing to mind all the events that took place, the friends that were visited, new friendships that were formed along with each of the experiences – well it’s difficult to find just the right words. The return visit to the orphanage and the new home that was built during this trip evoke tremendous emotion. My prayer is that through the upcoming blogs I will be able to paint a picture not only with words but with photos too in an attempt to convey to each of you, at the very least, the feelings and emotions of the events that Trinity’s Angels was involved in and experienced.

We took off from the DFW airport with just a general idea in mind of what Trinity’s Angels hoped to accomplish in the upcoming 2-1/2 weeks while in Peru. Counting our stopover in Miami, it was about 12 hours after leaving DFW that we landed at the Lima International airport full of hope, excitement and anticipation.

DSC06175 We started off by working on Peru Tres Dias # 7 which will be held Feb 3-6, 2011; checking out the campground, finalizing the team and arranging the meetings. Please feel free to pray for the candidates and team that will be in attendance. We love, love, love prayers!

Then we scheduled a return visit to the orphanage, La Sagrada Familia, with Yanett from Biblica de Fe church. We met one morning and hit Plaza Vea grocery store full speed to load up on groceries for the orphanage. Armed with two shopping carts we went up and down the aisles looking for bargains, stretching the Trinity’s Angels donations that were allocated to buy food. Supplies in bulk, rice, beans, oatmeal, noodles, and sugar were selected, along with potatoes, canned milk, oil, spices, tea, jello, and of course some cookies filled the carts to overflowing.

Cindy excited about grocery shopping
Cindy – just a “little” excited about grocery shopping…….

Grocery shopping - Yanett and Steph
I think Yanett and I ended up loading half of a grocery cart with bags and bags of potatoes!!!

Yanett and Cindy with shopping carts
Looks a little like Yanett and Cindy were involved in an episode of the Amazing Race !!! (Well minus the tv crew!)

Unloading the grocery carts and checking out at the register was just the beginning of a myriad of emotions that would surface over the coming days. As I watched all the food being rung up and packed in bags I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Being exactly where we were being called to be, doing exactly what we were being called to do … now that is Dancing in Your Passion.

Up next – coloring and playing at La Sagrada Familia.

In His Grip,