Rarely do I read the news online. For that matter rarely do I watch the news on tv. It’s just a fact of my life. But today something caught my eye as I got online to blog. It was an article from Forbes and it read as follows:

Americans will spend $ 447.1 billion during the 2010 holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation, an industry trade group. Much of that cash will be spent via the Web, all on one day: Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Thanksgiving, when bargain-hungry shoppers boot up their computers and go surfing for deals.”

So I got to thinking… What if everyone who read this blog sent it, talked about it or posted it on Facebook and shared it with their friends and family? And what if through that process just even a small portion of that online shopping involved people looking at www.TrinitysAngels.org and buying from our online store or making a donation? Can you imagine what a difference it would make? To me……..that is EXCITING !!! The needs of the people that we serve are great, don’t get me wrong. The beauty of it is…that with a minimal contribution a HUGE difference is made. 

Simply the need is: monetary donations…that go to fund food for orphans, food for needy families in the local communities, bible programs for children and youth, clothing for children, building materials to repair and build and basic houses providing a safer home for families. And new this upcoming year  – medicine for children that treats parasites they have due to unsafe drinking water.

I’ll leave you with that and some pictures of the faces of people your donations have and will continue to support.

House old and new (2)
The first house in Pucallpa, Peru. Picture of old home in front made of plastic and sticks and the framing of the home that was built and completed Aug. 2009

Pucallpa home - finished home
Home built in Pucallpa Peru – Nov 2010

Kids bible program and activities

Delivering food to a desperate family of 10 in Ventanillas, Peru

Children at La Sagrada Familia orphanage.

Impromptu bible coloring book session. The beauty of this ministry is that there is always an opportunity to be the hands and feet of God no matter where we go. Having the supplies helps start the communication and it just GOES from there!!!

Santa fe kids
Program for the youth in the pueblo of Santa Fe along the Amazon River. Included a bible program and lunch.

Kids are our focus…

Waiting on the amazon shore
Waiting along the shores of the Amazon for our program bringing food, hugs, laughter, joy and hope.

Steph and kids
From the kids in Peru …we thank you for your support. 

So please visit our website at www.TrinitysAngels.organd look at the pictures and our online store. Trinity’s Angels doesn’t offer deep discounts or free shipping this Cyber Monday ! But what you will receive when you give is far greater than any of that. Blessings that are above and beyond value.

Give Hilariously !!!