The kids that I meet in Peru always teach me there is magic found in an ordinary day. There does not need to be an invitation to the celebration, streamers, party horns, presents or cake. All that is required is to show up and live the life you were destined for – the one that tugs at your heart and soul every day.

There are times that I wonder if this path I am on is really where I need to be. You know – the one that seems too hard! The one that feels sometimes like you are walking alone. And yet you don’t mind for the most part because you know He is walking alongside you. Still yet there are days that I want the easy path.  I question if I am I hearing and feeling what the Lord is telling and impressing upon me. Or am I wanting things to be the way I want them? It’s often a fine line for me. Yeah, my competitive nature roars it’s head at times, oh really you say!!  I want things to go a certain way – dare I say it – my way! But in the still of the silence – when the world goes quiet – there is wisdom. When doubt enters, thankfully it is often followed by a confirmation. A confirmation not of our own making and that is all any one of us needs. The assurance that we are doing what we were meant to do. When there is NO doubt. When you know that you know, that you know, that you know.

This morning I stopped by a friend’s house. A friend that I regrettably have not kept up with for many months.  My bad……I had neglected what has been a long standing relationship.  Chalk it up to whatever you want – there really was no excuse! Not one I could justify! So…after I beat myself up for it!!! I sucked it up, drove to her house and knocked on her door. I admit I was shaking a little. There was a twinge of fear – what the greeting might look like when she opened the door and I was standing there unannounced. With a big smile on her face, light in her eyes, open arms and a huge hug she greeted me. She said she had been waiting for me – knew I’d be there soon knocking on her door! And on a table right by the front door she picked up a package and handed it to me. Instantly I knew by the feel what was in the beautifully wrapped gift bag. How did she know? We had never talked about it… The blog. How did the timing happen? God’s timing. How do I know this was a confirmation for me? It followed right on the heels of the blog from yesterday!

So for the kids in Peru who teach me about finding the extraordinary magic in an ordinary day – here’s another 100 bracelets for YOU.      🙂   🙂   🙂

Walking still…in His Mighty Grip,