Are you ready … to close out 2010 and welcome in 2011? Always a time of great anticipation. New goals, resolutions and the wonder and excitment that comes with what the New Year may bring. And let us not forget the Cotton Bowl! My youngest son went to A&M and the entire time he was there the football team never did much of anything – well they beat Texas a couple of times – always a big event in our household. Not that he played on the football team so there was no contribution there – but he is an AGGIE through and through and by association I am a big FAN! Gig ’em Aggies.  The year after he graduated – look what happens….they end up in the Cotton Bowl! Whoop! But I digress….

I’d have to say that I am not one for writing down my plans – goals for the New Year. Guess I just don’t want to find myself staring at them in black and white on Jauary 4th after a mere 3 days of faltering – and so quickly!!! But still I do think about all the things I would like to be involved in, the things I would most like to accomplish. And those stay with me throughout the entire year. In 2011 – I would love to give hysterically. Financially, emotionally, time wise, spiritually. Okay, I won’t include one thing – physically. Not my strong suit so I won’t focus there!!! The thought of heading out with a huge bang for 2010 absolutely thrills me – and it’s something we did accomplish through Trinity’s Angels.

If you feel as though you have a little more to give this year, well… we have plenty of needs. Still hoping for a few thousand more bracelets to meet our goal in less than a month. Looking for monthly sponsorship partners so we can pledge our on-going support to La Sagrada Familia orphanage, Luz Divina and the home building projects, youth programs and activities along the Amazon. Or, if the mood strikes and you want to be a one time sponsor – we graciously and humbly accept that offer too! Who wouldn’t – right! To all of you who have already given of your time, finances, resources and to those who have prayed for us … we more than THANK YOU. We love you more than Chocolate!And for those of you who really know me that is ALOT. You are the source that makes this organization continue to reach out and touch people, bringing joy, happiness, laughter and The Word into their lives.

Ramp it up for 2011!!! Give of yourself in whatever way that looks for you and your life. My challenge to each of you this year is that you do it more than just enough or even abundantly – DO IT HYSTERICALLY. Full on. Flat out. Wide open. Over the top. Giving all you have to give and maybe then just pushing a little bit more!

Happy New Year –

Prospero Ano Nuevo,