Cindy has taken so many pictures that it is hard to choose which ones to post and which ones that will not see the light of a blog. So we thought we would just add a few random shots from the first couple of days in Iquitos – Enjoy!!!

100_0353Our trip to the first village was in a small thatched palm leaf covered boat. We sat about 6 inches off the brown, muddy water! There were about 20 of us crammed in the boat with our luggage. 10 young people that were in a youth group fro a church in Iquitos – House of Prayer and Blessing –  that did some dancing, singing and a presentation for the kids. 5 of us from different places and a couple of pastors and their families. Cindy and I always were used to “balance out” the boat. Wherever they needed weight – we were the girls for the job. What were they trying to say???!!

100_0352 This young boy helped his grandfather navigate the waters. When we met him at the dock we shared some of our cookies with him. I noticed he didn’t eat any but instead put them in his pants pocket. I wondered why he wouldn’t eat them right away but thought he might be taking them home to eat. Later, on the boat, he pulled them out of his pocket and shared them with his grandfather. As they both sat eating the treat I thought it was the sweetest moment – generations sharing.

100_0390Sample view of the landscape from our boat. There are small huts all along the river. Some are in little congregated areas and others – you can just see one or two huts together.

100_0429Cindy and Martha sampling one of the many types of fruits that are found in the jungle. who knows really what they are – the adventure lies in the sampling!! Some are sweet, others acidic. Some are mushy and others hard. Some have soft textures and others – well let’s just say they ended up getting spit out! All are used as a part of some meal and surprisingly they all end up in juice form at one time or another.

100_0567 I can only try and imagine the thoughts going through this young boys mind as he sits on the river contemplating his life. Poignant.

100_0330 No matter where in the world you are – kids always love to play with empty boxes!

100_0602 This poor pig was being drug to “market” one day at the docks. And squealing all the way…….

Loving the feel of His Mighty Grip,