One thing about the jungle – you never have to worry about a bathroom. Cuz…the whole jungle is at your disposal! Problem is…when it rains where do you go? We found out tonight. As we got ready for bed we filed out of the church to use the “facilities.” We asked where we were going and a young girl said just move on down the line next to the church under the overhang and claim an area. Nice!!! So in an attempt to “blend in” we did just that –  if you cant beat ’em join ’em. Thank goodness there were no pictures taken! Bad visual. The only bad thing was walking back to the church if you are the end of this line! You can figure that out!!!

Morning came after the torrential rains and Breaking Chains, the youth goup who traveled with us from Iquitos, was ready to entertain the kids again. They were a big hit as you can see in this picture.

100_0799 We handed out bracelets and wooden cross necklaces along with small coloring books, crayons and a few pieces of candy for each child. They love receiving the small gift. Part of the program this time is to hand out pills that counteract and kill the parasites that the people here get due to drinking the water and living in fairly unsanitary conditions. they lined up for miles to get these pills that are given out free by the health dept to people that are willing to take them out to the jungle and administer them 2-3 times per year. After the kids took the pills, we gave them tattoos of Trinity Angels! That was a big hit Check out the pics.

Awwwwww – Cindy and her new friend. See the resemblance in the smile?

Awwwww – Cindy and another new friend! She made lots and lots of them. She definitely has a fan club.

On the boat ride home I reflect on he promise I made to return to Iquitos and help Pastora Consuelo, her home church and the satellite churches that are affiliated with her in “The House of Prayer and Blessing.” A promise I made to her when I met her 4 years ago. I had given her a cross ring, the same one I wear, to represent my commitment and promise. She still wears it to this day.

Standng Firm In His promise and Mighty Grip,