The farm is a very unique and interesting place. There is riverfront, jungle and pasture. There are cows, goats, pigs, roosters, chickens and all sorts of other creatures. When we first arrived we set up our beds and mosquitos nets. All of a sudden we started ducking down under things because there was ome dark flying bird racing in and out of the rooms of the house. Then it wasn’t just one, but three or four. they seemed to be dive bombing us although in hindsight that wasn’t really the case. We looked up at the corner of the wall in our room and there were four bats hanging. Yes, I said hanging from the side of the wall. One of the workers came in and started throwing water bottles at them so they would fly out of the house. Unfortunately for one of them his fate was sealed as he was “batted” out of the air and killed. Of course, we had to take pictures.


100_1239 Even though we knew the bats were there, we actually slept okay. Maybe it was the mosquito nets that surrounded us at night that gave us some sense of security from flying creatures. When we woke up the next day, we went into the kitchen and noticed a large pot with a charred hand sticking out of it. Of course we had to look. It was unrecognizeable – perhaps due to the flies circling it or just the mere fact that you couldn”t tell the shape of any part of it but the hand. So we pulled on the hand and out came this animal. I dont think either of us at that point recognized it. Certainly, they were not thinking about cooking this for a meal or expecting us to eat it?????????? We asked what the heck it was and the answer…mono. Monkey. Yes, the variety that swings from the trees. Apparently it is a delicacy, especially the head. Oh no, there is no way we could gag that down with any amount of water. Thank God for His invention of cookies. Our life bread. They had smoked the monkey and would be taking the meat off for a meal. Then any remaining meat would be scraped off the bone and used for another meal and the bone used to make monkey soup. Bon appetite!

On a side note – 10 days later that same monkey showed up at the church house in a pot waiting to be scraped and made into soup. How many flies had landed on that animal? And how long can that meat be any good? Last night it was still sitting in a pot (this time covered) in the corner of the living room next to the kitchen.  I know another meal of cookies is in our near future. Not to say that we don’t try the food. We did try Majas. It is served with skin on. A bit tough and gamey and we did need water to get it down……..For those of you who don’t know what Majas is (and we certainly didn’t), it is supposedly the world’s largest rodent. Again – Bon appetite!

You do have to give the people credit. They make great use of all the resources the earth provides in terms of native vegetables, fruits and the animals. Everything, every part is used to sustain their bodies. Enjoy the photos!!!


Is that right? Cindy playing with food!

Okay, if Cindy played with it I had to do the same.


Does whatever “interesting” piece of meat we try have to touch our lips? Was trying to imitate a “rodent.”  

Okay – at least we tried Majas…….

It was horrid….. 

And never forget to close all zippers on luggage, backpacks, and all other things with a pockeet and always check your shoes… you never know when scorpion will take up residence.  


It’s all part of the experience and adventure. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Living within His Mighty Grip,