Thought we would leave you with some parting shots from our adventure at the farm. Great memories, great fun and great relationships were formed.

100_1262 Since it is a self-sustaining farm there are lots of different animals that are raised for sale and for food. In addition to cows, roosters, chickens, ducks and goats. Currently they have 10 baby pigs. Tooooo cute.

100_1400 This poor rooster did not realize that he would be our dinner. They pulled his neck until it cracked and then put it in hot, scalding water and plucked the feathers.  From there he was dinner. You guessed it – we did not eat it. Yummmmmm cookies!!!

Look at the cows behind the blue building!! They are coming! Some of the guys were herding them to change pastures. I so want to be a vacquero and “round ’em up.” Next time at the farm.

100_1268 Everybody at the farm has mud boots! Even Robert. He is the son of Meechi, one of the women that lives there and the grandson of Antonio who builds homes with us in Pucallpa.

100_1264Stephanie, Pastor Jennifer and Cindy at the farm. It truly is a beautiful place.

100_1450 Saying goodbye for now. Robert, Cindy, Meechi, Stephanie and Linder.

In His Mighty Grip at the farm,