Two main building projects were scheduled for Pucallpa. One was laying a concrete floor for Jorge – a man who works tirelessly maintaining the church and the other was to build a small home for Elizabeth. Every time it rains her current home floods.

The first was the cement floor.

100_2073 We loaded bags and bags and bags of cement into a very small wagonette! What a trip riding through town on top of this and trying to hold on every time we hit a bump in the road – which was very often.

100_1997Everything is done by hand from leveling the floor, to mixing cement, pouring and leveling it off There was not one machine that was used.
He did have the beginnings of pipes laid in his home so he worked to get those finished before we poured the floor. That way when he has additional money he can finally put in running water for a toilet and shower! His family has not had indoor plumbing – EVER…

This is a picture of the tool they use – a heavy cement block that was used to pound the floor and level it out. Imagine doing this all day. Glad I only had to pose for one picture and someone else had the hard work…… 

Mixing cement was done in the street! First the concrete, then the diret mixed with rocks. Add water and stir!!!

And pour…..

100_2077Final stage – hand leveling!

In His Mighty Grip pouring cement in the Jungle,