The day finally arrived when Elizabeth’s home was completed.

The day finally arrived when she did not have to sleep inches above the water, mud or wet ground that was the foundation of her home.

The day finally arrived when it didn’t matter if the rains came  – she would be in her home above the water.

And we were ALL happy for her that this day had finally arrived.

It took a week to build Elizabeth’s home. The rainy season was in full force and we usually could only build in the mornings. The afternoons were filled with heavy rainfall. Some days we couldn’t build at all it rained so much. Little by little the raised floor and walls and roof were in place and the structure could now be called Elizabeth’s new home.

Our infamous Construction Crew hard at work! Hmmm must be raining and they are just taking a break.

The roof supports and “calaminas” or corrugated steel went into place…


Sheet by sheet, Jorge placed the calaminas on top of the home. Yes you see correctly he is without shoes and the ladder is not actually too steady at this point, just leaning against the framing. Thank goodness we don’t have to build to code or under safety guidelines!

Lot of people came by throughout the process, neighbors family, friends and church members. Everyone encouraged by the progress. It truly is a neighborhood “event” when one of Trinity’s Angels projects is underway.

Pastora Jennifer (on the left) and 
Pastora Mercedes (on the right – she was our motorcycle instructor!) A side note – no worries motorcycle Officer Kevin Nickell – it was just a “minor” flesh would and we really had safety in mind – well as safe as could be expected in the jungle!

Abuelita – Grandmother. If a church could have a matriarch she would be the Matriach of Lu Divina.

100_2405 Even the kids came by and hung out!


100_2540 Elizabeth in front of the door that leads back to the old house.


100_2545  Elizabeth and her youngest son in front of their back door. 

100_2543 Elizabeth’s smile says it all. Home Sweet Home!

Okay so I will say it….one night I was sitting in church at Luz Divina and thought…”I would love for Trinity’s Angels to undertake a huge project – to be able to build every family, who is a member of Luz Divina church, their own home.” There – I said it … there are about 300 families in the church. Yes I know it is a big dream. But hey – Dream Big or go home – right? We build for a mighty GOD and it could happen….

In His Grip and hammering into the future,