The rain was falling and the construction of Elizabeth’s had stopped for the day. Looking out the window of the place we were staying at the church,  I could see the dirt street flooding again and water pouring into the two homes across the road. I saw people out running in the rain to get to the small neighborhood stores to buy their food for the day. No electricity means no refrigerators which means no ability to store perishable food. It is a daily task for these families to buy the things they will need for the day. And I thought about that and their lives and the basics.

The basic necessities of these families in this town are barely met. There is just soooooo much need. We decided that if we could get enough people to donate in the next day or two, before we were scheduled to leave, we could buy enough food for 30 families to last a week. So we blogged and begged! for money.

The next day we placed the order at a local store in downtown Pucallpa. We did this on faith that we could raise the money. Telling the store owner we would be back the following day at 2:30 we prayed for the news that donations had arrived! The next morning before we went to build I checked email and sure enough there were enough donations to pay for the entire order for these 30 families. A God thing for sure. It was the exact amount, and I mean EXACTamount to the dollar that we needed.

An interesting thought … the bags of food that each family received in terms of their wages versus ours and the proportion of cost of groceries would be the same as us receiving groceries valued at $150.00. Phenomenal.

When we arrived to pick up the items they had everything ready and waiting for us, sugar, flour, oil, bouillon, milk, eggs, etc. It was so great to see all the food waiting to be distributed. We flagged down a motor taxi and loaded it full. Imagine sitting next to 30 trays of eggs and sacks of sugar and rice tied to the back with us holding onto it so they wouldn’t fall off.

We couldn’t believe that this taxi driver felt he could fit, 100 pounds of flour, 100 pounds of sugar, 30 bottles of oil, 60 cans of tuna, 30 trays of eggs and more into this little moto taxi – but oh yee of little faith (Cindy & Stephanie) ! He managed to fit all of that and us too!

We stored everything at the church house and the young women that live there helped us assemble the packages.
30 trays of 900 eggs!!!!!

That night we started assembling the bags and handing them out to the families that the church had chosen.

100_2476  Below are a few of the recipients of the food. It was such a blessing to be able to see their faces as they received the much needed and welcomed surprise.

100_2494Parishioner and church volunteer
100_2523A pastor from a remote village church and his family of 7
100_2504 Family of 5

A single mom and her children.

A man suffering from Parkinson’s who has almost no money at all. Abandoned by his family, the church helps him with medicine and some food.

Elderly woman with almost no vision due to cataracts.

Family of 5

100_2511 These are the first 15 recipients of your blessing of food. I am thrilled to tell you a side story. One of the young women that received food put into practice the principle of “Paying It Forward.” The following day we heard that she had given the food to her grandmother who needed it far more than she. Now if that doesn’t touch your heart. Well it did ours and makes us want to repeat this project the next time we go. But this time expanding it to reach out to 50 or more families.

THANK YOU to all who donated. Without your support this AMAZING project would not have been possible. I wish each of you could have been there to see and experience this event. It truly was humbling for Cindy and I.

In His Mighty Grip feeding the masses (well let’s not get ahead of ourselves! It was feeding a “little” of the masses),