Reflecting back on the trips to Peru, I was telling someone about some of the best nights of sleep I have ever had. There were several times after sleeping on a wood or concrete floor separated by only a very thin foam mattress, (and I use the word “mattress” very lightly), that I awoke feeling so rested that I was absolutely amazed! When I looked down at my “bed” it would seem that a person could find no comfort no matter what position you tried to put yourself in. And with either a rolled up towel or clothes for a pillow it just didn’t seem logically possible that it would have been comfortable or provided for much needed rest.

16 noviembre bed
Sleeping on the wood floor outside of a village hut.

For the longest time I could not understand how that could happen. Not until today.

I was reading a book called, Crafted Prayer, by Graham Court and there was the answer in black and white. A quote on the side of a page read as follows,

“Submission to God’s will is the softest pillow in which to rest.”

Author: Unknown 

That was it! The times that I felt the most refreshed, the most comfortable, the most rested, were the times in the jungle, or in a village on the river. The times were I found myself right in the extreme middle of God’s will. Submitted to His plan, purpose and goals for me. The place where I was dancing in the passion that God has for my life. The place of total submission. And let me tell you – it is the best rest you will ever know. Lie down and try in someday. You will be surprised.

Resting in His Mighty Grip,


Sleeping area on concrete floor in village 

Setting up “beds” on the concrete floor of a village school. Sleeping under mosquito nets is ALWAYS required!