It seems as though no matter where we went in Peru during our trip, whatever town we were in – the entire population was celebrating Carnaval. We found out at the end of the trip that Peru actually celebrates this event for the months of BOTH February AND March. Celebrations are at different times depending on the region. Hmmmm – we just happened to hit each region as their celebrations were starting. Timing!!!!


Everyone participated. Young and old. Boys and girls, men and women. Lots of dancing in the streets of small cities, large ones too – all decked out in regional costumes.

100_3092 They walked in the center of roadways sometimes, stopping traffic and playing their instruments. Smiles were wide on their faces and the atmosphere buzzed with fun and activity. The most popular thing is to walk the streets with cans of foam. Much like silly string – yet – these cans are larger and the contents stays wet and doesn’t dry. It is most definitely not easy to just pick off of your clothing. It is a wet mess. People, mostly kids and teenagers were covered with this foam, in their hair, on their faces and clothes soaked in the colored liquid.

Cindy and I walked cautiously and carefully when we went out at night … ducking the hundreds of cans of spray foam that were like lethal weapons. Groups of people with cans read to shoot walked the streets amid firecrackers and party goers.

100_2726 This truck carried a group of people with plastic “overcoats” to protect themselves against retalliation of spray from those people on the street that they sprayed. You can see the spray on the bumper and rear part of the truck. Cindy and I got “hit” just a couple of times and realistically it was the “overflow” from other people who were targeted. Well except for one time.

On the pedestrian walkway in Puno, Peru we walked by a little boy – no older than 5. He smiled at us, walk by us next to his mom and than WHAM – we got plastered with the spray. It was a total surprise. Didn’t see that coming. We turned and looked at him. His mother’s mouth was wide open, in shock, not sure how we would react. We smiled and then continued on our way. What could we do?  It was all in good fun. I think I heard his mom breathe a huge, deep sigh of relief as we walked away!

After two months – I, for one, was happy to see the cans of spray no longer for sale. No more looking over my shoulder to see who might just be there to strike!

In His Mighty Grip and in the range of silly string,