No one knows for sure the answer to this question. What we do know is … we are active participants in that outcome because of our choices and action. Taking responsibility. How much effort you put into it and what you let affect you are choices that you make.

Honestly, I let the opinions of others dictate to me. I allowed the words to become truth and talked myself out of writing a grant in search of funds to build homes in Pucallpa, Peru. It was too long of a process, too hard, too much work. Yet on behalf of Trinity’s Angels I made a commitment to Luz Divina church that we would build a home for every member of the church. I neglected to ask first how many member families they have! Small problem….there are 300!

Weighing on my heart is that promise and not wanting to fail. So a couple of months ago I made a CHOICE to research, on my own, available grants. And there it was … a grant offered by the US government in conjunction with a joint program dedicated to helping people in Peru! I was ecstatic. I read the directions and started on the road of grant writing.

Things flowed, positive answers to question I asked of the grant manager in Peru were received. Ideas and thoughts materialized. Words formed and were written, Pages read and re-read. Changes made and made again. And finally, yesterday afternoon, the grant was signed and sent. Proudly submitted on behalf of people in desperate need.

It should come as no surprise to me that this process flowed fairly smoothly. For I know WHO was guiding the entire process – start to finish.

And now we wait for a positive answer. We can use your prayers.

Claiming His favor while standing firm in His Mighty Grip,