As most of you know Trinity’s Angels has submitted two grant proposals to USAID/Peru for funding for $50,000 of each project. One is the H.O.P.E. project for the building of basic housing and repair of existing homes to bring those to habitable standards. The other is for the D.R.E.A.M. Resource Center to provide access to assistance and support for underprivileged women and children. Training for small start up businesses, hands on labs and possibly micro-finance loans for the women. The children will have a place to go after school to receive additional help with homework and mentoring; programs for crafts, activities, and recreation along with providing a healthy snack. A small library and computers will also be available for use by the women and children.

It just seems to keep multiplying and taking off from there and I can’t see the end….. – helping the kids whose parents are just not around to parent them, providing meals for families without food – perhaps involving cooking one meal a day that families without food, bible programs for women and children, a small orphanage, small crop gardens – anything and everything that will help these people. From there quite honestly my mind reels as the Lord lays program after program after program on my heart for these people. Giving them a hand-up, not a hand-out. They are extremely capable and hard-working but lack access to basic things they need to succeed. The joy, and pure beauty of it all is encouraging their self sustainment and watching them grow and provide for their families, something they currently struggle with every single day.

To tell you that I have been just a “little!” overwhelmed during the process is an understatement and yet every step of the way the journey has been guided. From finding the grant to the very last word type before the final submission of the proposal. My spirit says to stay strong and faithful and I truly believe that. Yet every once in awhile to be honest I falter and trip over the small rocks in the path I am walking.

So fighting back the tears of happiness, uncertainty, of knowing that I need help – here is my simple but HUGE request. No need to click a button and vote for your favorite charity (of course we are yours!), no need to get your friends signed up for anything (unless you feel the NEED to forward this prayer request). We received word that BOTH of the projects are being considered and reviewed by the technical committee. There are delays in awarding the grants due to the large number of applications received. After reading it I felt a huge weight bearing down and I started doubting and faltering. How could our application shine above the others? Stopped to breathe, pray and ask what needed to be done to get these proposals to rise to the top, for the reviewers to “hear” and “know” that these need approval – for the FULL amounts.

So, please, on my knees – literally asking each of you to stop and…….

Just SIMPLY PRAY… God knows the outcome…in that, I trust and believe. I accept and surrender to this journey.

In His INTENSE Mighty Grip,




Just need to write one more for “B.E.L.I.E.V.E.” and then we have our 3 words – HOPE, DREAM, BELIEVE !!