Cynthia is a young 11 year old girl that lives in the jungle town of Pucallpa. I met her several years ago when I went there for the first time and continue to see and spend time with her as we return to her neighborhood.

She loves hanging out with Cindy – one of the bonds they share is the same first name. Cynthia is a smart girl, eager to go to school, loves to learn and she attends church on her own 3-4 times per week. She sings her little heart out and it’s a joy to watch her worship. The last time we were there I sat next to her and we were passing time talking about general things and I happened to ask what she had eaten for dinner. She said she hadn’t eaten yet – it was 9 pm. Not unusual for Latin countries to eat dinner late. Yet she said that they didn’t have anything for dinner and probably wouldn’t eat until the next day around lunch time. I was surprised. It’s commonplace in this area not to have enough to eat as in many parts of Peru but it still shocks me and leaves me almost gasping for air. The church service started so that ended our conversation.

Pucallpa - cynthiaAs we sat there for the next hour I heard her stomach growling several times. Not just a small rumbling – it was loud. I felt badly…thinking about the dinner I had eaten and the snacks that were up in our apartment. My stomach was content and didn’t know the feeling of hunger that she felt.

After the service I told her to come upstairs to the church apartment and gave her the pizza we had left over from our dinner. I wish I could describe with exact vivid detail the look on her face. The two pieces that were left over is all that was in the box and when she opened it you would have thought it was an entire Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. Her comment, “Thank you, I’ll take them home and share them with my family.” Are you kidding me? I would have eaten them on the way home if I was as hungry as her stomach sounded. No way that was going to feed a family of 5 including 2 adults.

She taught me a great lesson in sharing. It doesn’t take much. Really. What will it take to make a radical difference in Cynthia’s life???? Food. Basic supplies. $10 per week. Cynthia is like so many children in Pucallpa – waiting for their next meal not sure when it will be.

IT’S TIME to stand up, reach out and help her and kids like her. What will you do?? Please go to and make a donation.

Feeding the hungry through His Mighty Grip,