One week out and the new adventure starts. Well … actually it has already begun but 7 days from now we will be walking through the door that has been opened for us to pass through to Peru. The airplane door! By midnight Friday night we will touch down at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima and be in a country we will call home for awhile. Not sure how long – but long enough to have packed ranch dressing packets so that we can have a “taste” of home as the days pass by !

Each day as we get closer to January 27th this whole journey gets even more real! Yesterday and today we sold my refrigerator, dressers, beds and other household items. Tomorrow the same – Saturday too. As each piece leaves and the house gets just a bit larger with open space there is no sadness. Selling the material things brings funding for the projects throughout Peru. There is exhilaration, excitement, anticipation and surrender for the road ahead. No regrets, no second thoughts – just an appetite to serve.

Surrendered in His Mighty Grip,