We arrived in Peru on January 27th, excited about all that God has planned for us on this journey and where the next year would take us.  Our first commitment was to go and serve the women’s weekend at Peru Tres Dias #9.

For both of us really, Tres Dias is where the journey to Peru began.  Stephanie served on Peru Tres Dias #2 and knew immediately that this was where her heart was and that she would be back to serve the Peruvian people.

We met each other through Sabine Creek Tres Dias #6 in Texas almost two years ago.  There was an instant connection as we both talked about our passion to help women and children in the most desperate of need.  One thing led to the next and here we are – living in Peru.

It was exciting and seemingly appropriate to begin this “year long journey” serving at Tres Dias.  We had a blast as we laughed and cried and laughed some more. God has a way of speaking to each of us, cleansing and restoring us during each weekend. HE was yet again at work mightily throughout our time there reaffirming, confirming and talking to both of us about the direction of the journey He has us on. Refining it to what He wants accomplished.

It was truly a blessing to serve the 21 Peruvian women candidates, along with the team members we have grown to love along the way. The women were revitalized, renewed and changed during the 3 days. It is an absolute blessing to witness.

In His Mighty Grip and Singing DeColores,


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