One good thing about eating nothing but soup is that you lose weight rather quickly!!!  For lunch and dinner in the Jungle, the typical meal is soup.  It’s easy, economical and readily available. Sometimes for breakfast they even have a milk and rice soup.  Soup, soup, soup – every day, every meal, soup.

Pot cooking over fire
Soup with rice, soup with noodles, soup with vegetables, soup with chicken feet, you name it they make a soup with it. Wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so hot –  90 degrees with 98 percent humidity! Hard to get cozy over a hot bowl of soup when you can’t stop sweating!

The Peruvian people are so hospitable and absolutely love cooking for people.  In the hot humid weather, they will stand over their “stove” for hours cooking us a meal (often
soup) and happily sit by and watch us eat.  We are grateful for the meals they provide and for what we eat – knowing that they have sometimes sacrificed their own lunch or dinner, so that we would be able to eat.

We are also grateful, however, that we don’t eat much and have therefore lost approx 3 kilos each, in about two weeks.  At this rate, we will be “Flakititas” (skinny ones) before you know it – instead of what they call us now – “Gorditas” (fat ones)!!!!  With affection of course…

In His Mighty Grip and Eating More Sopa (Soup),