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How many of you come home at the end of the day with a pocket or purse full of change and don’t even think about it?  You discard it, leave it on your dresser, or find something cheap to buy so you can get rid of it.

Well, here in Peru, your pocket change goes a long way.  My mom started a “change jar” and keeps it at our house.  Every day, my mom and my dad empty their pockets into the jar.  When people come over to the house, they ask if their friends have any spare change. Nice!

Within a month, my parents, my Uncle Jimmy (and a few more!!) have donated enough change to feed 100 kids – twice!!  Simply amazing.

Grocery shopping - Yanett and StephThere are tremendous necessities that need attention. You would be surprised at how much can be accomplished with just a little. But we need “a little” to do just that.

Grocery shopping - yanett and cindy
We are asking you to “Make the Change.” When you are out and about buying things, a meal, groceries, gas, yumm, even a Sonic Cream Slush (can you tell we are already craving some things!) instead of paying with change, pay with bills. Then put the change in a jar. We promise you will not notice the difference in your wallet and you will be surprised at how quickly it adds up.  After two weeks or even a month, count it up and send a check, made payable to Trinitys Angels, for the “Make the Change” campaign. You can send that to:

Trinitys Angels – 7210 Colwell – Midlothian, TX – 76065

DSC02742Let’s see how much CHANGE we can make!

In His Mighty Grip and Making the Change,

Cindy and Stephanie