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One night we were sitting at Ray and Martha’s house in Chiclayo, when we found an old Hymnal beside the couch.  We took it and started flipping through the pages, surprised at how many songs we knew and remembered from when we were growing up.  Nowadays we tend to focus more on the praise and worship choruses and more upbeat melodies.  But there’s just something about the words in an old hymn that touches your heart.  Or maybe it’s the memories of singing them in church with our families and grandparents.  Regardless of the reason, we both got excited about the hymns.

While we were flipping through the Hymnal, Martha found hers that was in Spanish. We sang one song in English, then she would sing another in Spanish.  Sometimes if we recognized the tune of the song, we’d join in singing in both English and Spanish and worship together.  Now, if you know either one of us, you know that we aren’t the best of singers.  But we sang with joy to the Lord and it was a beautiful sound!!!  Plus with Ray and Martha singing with us, it kind of helped…
Martha and ray in ocean front viewRay and Martha Skaggs

Martha had daily Bible verse cards in a box and each of us got to pick one.  We read them first in Spanish, then went to find an English Bible so we could translate them and understand it a little better.  That was our sermon!  We even had an offering and then closed the “service” with prayer.  All of us holding hands or with arms wrapped around each other. Martha was enjoying it so much, she didn’t want it to end!  But eventually, we all had to go to bed!!

It sounds so simple when you put it into words – and really it was simple.  But it actually was a lot of fun and I can just picture God smiling down on us from heaven, enjoying our homemade church service…  Two nights in a row.

In His Mighty Grip and Worshiping through Hymns,

Cindy and Stephanie

On a side note, Martha’s Aunt Elizabeth, who was recuperating with a fractured hip, had to go to the hospital one night and Martha was pretty upset and anxious.  While we were waiting to hear on her condition, we had another church service – at Martha’s request.  Her whole demeanor changed as we started singing and then picked our Bible verse cards.  It ended up being a great night – full of laughter, love, and worship. And Aunt Elizabeth….well she ended up not having to stay in the hospital after all. When we went to visit her the next day – amazingly she looked much better – we owe it to the church service!