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Every once in awhile you hear about an amazing act of kindness. One that just rocks your world. This story took place about 65 years ago in the northern part of Peru along the Pacific coast in a town called Chiclayo.

Imagine opening your front door and finding a box on the threshold. You open it up and inside you find a tiny baby. No note, no information, nothing. What would you do? The answer for two particular women, who were in their late teens, was immediate – no discussion – no hesitation. They accepted this God given opportunity, this special calling, and took this baby in and raised him as their own.

Remember this was in the mid 1940’s – things were alot different then. And it was in a 3rd world country, very 3rd world then, a country without resources to provide them with any type of assistance. As the baby grew they realized that he was both deaf and mute, making this a more complicated and difficult situation. And yet, for over 60 years, they continued to provide and care for him. Over the years they taught him life skills and wrapped him up as part of their family.

When you walk into the room and he sees you his face lights up, eyes glowing and smile beaming. Giving him a hug well he gets so excited – perhaps it is the human touch. I honestly believe Cindy and I got more out of giving him a hug then he did. It was just … special … beyond words.

Two of Martha Skaggs aunts that raised this baby boy into a man.

I present to you – Mauricio – a treasured member of Martha Skagg’s family.

Cindy mauricio and stephIn awe within His Mighty Grip,

Stephanie and Cindy