We each have 8 Trinity’s Angels t-shirts, red, blue, pink, black, purple and Cindy has green. Everyday we wear one of them and preferably not the same color! We wear the shirts for a few reasons…for one…it is an easy wardrobe to keep up with! For the not so fashion conscious or fashion savvy it is perfect. That speaks to both of us. For another, it brings awareness to our mission and we are often asked what “Trinity’s Angels” is and what we do.

On one of our last days in Lima we were filling up on fast food and stopped in at McDonalds. As we were leaving, 2 women stopped Cindy and asked her what Trinity’s Angels was all about. For the next 30 minutes or so we explained it and talked about what we do. Yolanda and Connie, friends for 25 years, spoke about their work helping in orphanages, teaching english, working in the mission field in Africa, Peru and around the world, their churches and lives. Interesting women with amazing stories.

They were leaving later that evening to head back to their respective homes in Canada and offered to give us a mosquito net for our journey that they were not going to take back with them. We can definitely use that in the jungle and were grateful for the generous gift. We walked with them back to their hostal talking and getting to know them along the way. Great conversation, fun women with a zest for travel and helping out wherever the need arises. IMG_0541We look forward to keeping in contact with them and maybe they might even consider coming to Pucallpa one day! Yolanda and Connie – we wish you many blessings as you venture out on your next trip travelling the world touching people along the way.

In His Mighty Grip wearing the same clothes everyday!

Stephanie and Cindy