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During one of our first conversations with Pastor Javier and Saul – (from El Salvador Church where we will help feed the children) – they told us a story.  One of many stories that we heard and will continue to hear I’m sure.  But this one broke my heart and made me realize, yet again, the magnitude and importance of what God has called us to do.

They are currently doing construction on parts of El Salvador Church.  On Sunday mornings they always feed the children of the church and the surrounding area.  Recently, they weren’t able to have the Sunday meal due to renovations.  Pastor Javier said that he saw a little boy standing there at the church and he was crying.  He asked him why he was crying and the boy said, “Because I thought there would be a meal here today.”

We cannot even begin to imagine the hunger of these kids, who depend on the one meal per week that is guaranteed to them.  During the rest of the week, they are left to fend for themselves, sometimes even left to look on the street for what food is left over from someone else. 

1There is a reason why we are here in Peru.  There is a reason that you have been called to join us in this mission.  Thirty dollars provides a meal for 100 kids.  With every thirty dollars that we receive, that is one less day they have to go hungry or search the garbage for any remaining food from the day.
 Please join us in providing hope and little bit of sustenance for these kids.

In His Mighty Grip and Wanting to Do More,

Cindy and Stephanie