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Sitting at the local docks is mesmerizing. Lots of things to see. Hundreds of people to watch. So we sit in the shade on the concrete wall overlooking the area and entertain ourselves. Here is a day at the docks.

Not sure why but the men here pull up their shirts all the time. I think it’s a form of air conditioning.

2Making repairs on a dock. Yup you got it…he is cutting wood to size with a machete.
 Straight from the boats to the “market stall” these women are selling fresh oranges for squeezing, and sapote for eating. You cut through the hard shell of this fruit revealing a stringy, bright  orange pulp. It is sweet but you definitely need dental floss to get it all out of your teeth. There are some other beans at the bottom right – not sure what they are – but they definitely use them in cooking.

4This little boy waited on the boat as it was unloaded, while the boy below caught a nap. Check out his feet hanging in the box they use to sell drinks!



7It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s what’s for entertainment nowadays!

Hangin’ out at the docks and chillin’ in His Mighty Grip,