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We’ve attempted to cook a variety of things in our apartment so far.  Spaghetti, fried bananas, pancakes, guacamole, salsa, beans, tortillas, eggs (hard boiled, fried, scrambled)…  Some turned out okay but some of these turned out to be just short of a disaster.  Everything tastes the exact same – mushy with no flavor – even flavored with the abundance of spices we brought with us.  Well come to think of it…the pancakes and salsa were good but not together! Tired of eggs – after all 24 eggs in a week between the two of us – a bit much. We are learning what works and for sure what doesn’t work!!! Bread and cheese – a staple! This dinner…well at least it had some protein but seriously…

Here is a sample of what’s for dinner nowadays.

Homemade Refried Beans and crackers…who knew???!!!

1MMMM Tasty!!!  I love the look on her face… 

2Just a little bit more to go…seriously I have to eat this??? Where are the cookies? Where is the ice cream? Where is the chocolate?

For some reason, eating just doesn’t bring the same “joy” to us as it used to…  Maybe that’s a good thing!!!!!!!  We are now true Peruvians – eating out of necessity, not for pleasure!!  

Still losing kilos (but at least getting some protein!) in His Mighty Grip,

Cindy and Stephanie