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Food outreach programs are defiinitely not a new thing. They are new, however, to Trinity’s Angels in terms of an ongoing commitment. That is exactly what as been promised to both El Salvador and Luz Divina churches. Every Sunday at El Salvador and every other Sunday (for now) at Luz Divina. Trinity’s Angels has commited to provide the funding and/or food for ALL of 2012. We made a bold step of faith that money would be provided and are now following that up with prayer!

Our first meal of this program started at El Salvador a couple of Sundays ago. Bright and early – make that “dark” and early at about 4:30 am we woke up to get ready to meet Marissa and her daughters at their home to help cook breakfast for the children who would be coming to El Salvador that morning. With no facilities at the church, the cooking schedule is rotated between the 8 Sunday school teachers who do the actual cooking and transportation of the food to get it to the church by 7:30 am.Alexandra and marissaAlexandra, on the left, and Marissa were already cooking up a storm when we arrived at their apartment 3 doors down from us. On the menu… Chifa rice which includes, rice, egg, fried slices of salchicha (spicy hot dogs), green onions and seasoning. Apple juice made from scratch was already in process. A sweet concotion of boiled apples, sugar, cinnamon and water, pureed through a strainer into a 5 gallon bucket. Lots of intensive manual labor. It was a blast being a part of it all!

Mixing up the foodCheck out Alexandra, Marissa and Cindy stirring up a combined 15 kilos (33 pounds of rice) of Chifa rice with all the ingredients mentioned. Once this was accomplished and “taste tested” we covered up the serving dishes, and carried them along with the huge bucket of apple juice outside to be transported via moto-kar to the church!

Eating 7The children come from the local neighborhood arriving with their parents or bothers/sisters/ or neighbors at around 7:30 am. Some of them attend the Sunday school classes that start right after breakfast at about 8:00 am.

Eating 9

Eating 13The kids eat in their classrooms, divided by age group. Once the little ones eat then the youth/young adult teachers get to dig in!!

Eating 14

Eating 8The church had 50 bowls, cups and spoons but it was not enough to continuously feed all those that come. In the past they have had to rush the younger kids to eat so they could pick up the plates, wash them and serve the older kids their breakfast. With a portion of your donations, the church received another set of 50 bowls, cups and spoons. They are thrilled to have the additional items and say… ” Muchas Gracias ! ”

Washing dishes 2Once the meal is finished, the dishes are gathered up and Cindy and I wash them in plastic tubs that sit on a table right outside the sanctuary. Water trickles into a large pail for us to use to refresh the water in the basins as needed. It’s a slow process in our terms, but one that works well for them.

And that’s how early Sunday mornings start In His Mighty Grip,

Stephanie and Cindy