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Luz Divina church celebrated their anniversary last week and it came complete with a food extravaganza for over 500 people for 3 days. It was a buzz of activity up to the minute preparing for the fiesta.

From sharpening knives the old fashioned way with a grinder…

Jorge sharpening knives 1To hauling bananas and mangoes…

Hauling bananas600 fish were brought in – sliced in half – and then laid flat out on wood planks in the blazing hot sun to dry. Turning them every so often to evenly “bake” bake them. Can you just imagine the aroma!!!

Steph and abuelita with fishThen a native drink was prepared called “Masato.” It is made from boiling yucca (similar to a flavorless potato which is found in abundance here), then mashing it into a sticky substance. From there part of it is chewed and then put back, yes you read right, spit back into the mixture to  be worked into the drink. Sugar is added, it is boiled and then fermented for a couple of days. As adventureous as we are – no Masato for us!

Masato 2

Masato 8Chickens were brought in by the parishioners to help feed the those coming from the many satellite churches. After this pose…well…it was time to wring the chickens necks. No – Cindy didn’t do it…but she could have!

Cindy with chicken 3And then we could have plucked the chickens but we opted for the professionals to take charge!

Plucking chickens 1
The highlight came when a cow was brought from the church farm to be slaughtered. It took the butcher about 2 hours to finish that job and when he was done the only thing not being used to cook with was the skin and jaw. Even the ear was used after it dried a little on the fence!! See for yourself …

Cow ear hanging on fence 1
All in all, the 3 days of celebrating the church anniversary was a tremendous success.

Experiencing Gastronomical Delights in His Mighty Grip,

Stephanie and Cindy