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Jorge, the maintenance man at Luz Divina church, graciously made us a “cubo de basura.” What the heck is that you say??? It’s a raised trash container so when we put our trash out to be picked up the dogs and vultures don’t end up tearing it open, scavenging for leftovers, redistributing everything all over the street! It’s a mess in front of our place when this happens – which used to be everyday.  We had resorted to running across the street in the middle of the night to “sneak” our trash into our neighbors trash bin just to keep it “safe.”

Trash can 2

Now we have our own trash container. Ahhhhh the simple things of life! At least this saves us from having to pick up the garbage that used to be scattered all over the street.

It never ceases to amaze me that the trash we put out hardly sits out more than a few hours. No, they don’t come and pick it up in the motor-kar garbage wagon that quickly.  I am talking about the people I see out our 2nd story window that come and check out the treasures we have thrown away. Cardboard and boxes no matter how small or large, water bottles and other various items are things of considerable valuable, collected and re-used. The cardboard is re-purposed as a sort of “welcome” mat for their homes, using them to wipe the dirt and mud off the bottom of your shoes before you enter their home. The plastics are used for storing things and keeping them out of the humidity as much as possible – I think! And I am not really sure how the other recycled things are used but they are quickly grabbed up out of our trash and tucked away in their bags.

I don’t know why I find it fascinating to watch the process. But I do. Amazed at what I consider trash, someone else finds of value.

Going Green in His Mighty Grip,