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And the children keep coming! How awesome is this??? Because of YOUR support children are being fed!  The numbers keep rising at both churches. At Luz Divina they told us that more and more children are coming to Sunday school and excited to also get a meal afterwards. Okay – maybe their intent is to get food but still they are coming to church where they hear God’s message and that is where it begins.

Trinity’s Angels has the opportunity to incorporate another small satellite church of El Salvador’s this month into the food program. We will take sandwiches, fruit and drinks to them every other Sunday!  The satellite is small but strong with about 50 people. We are going to feed them ALL!!!! Please pray for the pastor of this church. He is taking a 3 month sabbatical and one of the main pastors at El Salvador and his family will be stepping up to step in and cover the church while the pastor is temporarily away. 

GOD is definitely in control and feeding His children. Thank you all for being so gracious with your donations and making a difference.  Thought we would send along some pictures of the kids for you to see – check out their smiles!!

IMG_1317 (2)

IMG_1317 (3)





IMG_1332Thanking you from deep within His Mighty Grip,