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Or translated into English means, “Without Mothers.” Although I do have a mom I was unable to be with her on this Mother’s Day, not physically anyway. Via email and Skype and Facetime (all the conveniences of modern technology) I was able to reach out to her on Sunday. That’s a beautiful thing.

And I was able to share Mother’s Day with my friends here in Pucallpa. Not much commercialism for this holiday, a few small card displays and “gift type” areas in local shops but you were really hard pressed to find  displays as we are accustomed to. Seeing things for MOM at every turn. HOWEVER, it is an important day to them as they celebrate it family style. The day is spent with Mom. No fancy gifts, no expensive dinners, but time.

Mothers brought their children to church at 7.30 am for breakfast. Felt like all of “our children” coming to eat with us! We watched throughout the day as mothers and their children walked together along the streets. Moto-taxis loaded with families carrying food on their way to a family member’s home. Celebrations and meals prepared in honor of moms, most served in run-down homes, nonetheless with love and affection, and they were “home.”

The men of Luz Divina hosted a lunch for Mother’s Day which they prepared and served. There were simple decorations, balloons hung on the wooden posts and tables adorned with crocheted table covers that have seen their fair share of many a celebratory occasion. To see the expressions on their faces as they served their mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, and sisters in Christ was an amazing site. The atmosphere was lively, fun and precious. They played games and the men had prizes for the winners. It reminded me of going to a six year old birthday party back in “the day.” I mean that with all affection and love. It was a sweet, simple party and the laughter and smiles told it all. Everyone was having FUN. There was pure JOY.

There were groups of women talking together in front of neighbors homes, sitting in chairs on their version of a “porch” throughout the evening. El Salvador had a dinner for the mothers at their church hosted by the younger women.

Women were being celebrated – not hurredly – but lovingly.

But through it all I just missed my mom, and my sons as we spent the day “sin madres.”
Mom and I
My mom – Nadine 

In His Mighty “motherly and loving” Grip,